Dayan is a countertenor, writer and singer.
He creates with the desire to bring a new concept to the audience.
This exceptionally gifted singer brings an innovative touch to the works of  the most famous composers of Classical Music ,also treating the biggest and most touching Pop Hits.

He 's beging at to sing in the children's choir (Pueri Cantores) of St-Malo during 8 years.

Revelated with the tv audicence "Graine de stars" 1997
His repertoire includes timeless Italian, French, Norwegian, Slovenian and Irish , 

played with a 'Pop' orchestra sound mixed and produced by Stéphane Aubry.

Apart from of prestigious collaborations with Eve Brenner, Thierry Mutin,

he usually performs for main cultural institutions, sings in big events and on TV shows ,

gathering larger and larger audiences to his shows.
He is recognised for his artistic approach and originality of repertoire .


In 2012, Dayan recorded his first CD "DREAM IMMENSITY" which was released by VB Production.

His recordings were brought to the audience during performances with great artist line-ups including

Othello & Peplum, Elastic.  Those performances happened in front of audiences of thousands, all over the French Territory.

That very same year, the 'Dream Immensity Tour" began.

He performed these new songs alongside great artist line-ups including.......

but not limited to the Angers Palais des congrès, the Salle de la Longère de Baupuy,  the salle de Bel'air de Combrée, Churchs St Sulpice,  St Brice en Coglès, Vern d'anjou, Lion d'Angers,

Tourlandry, St Aubin du Cormier.

Dayan performed in many venues, including the Palais etc

and St Aubin de C., during this tour and used his performance at the church of Fougères St Léonard to shoot the 'Dream Immensity' video.

In 2015, the new album Terre et Legende was recorded,

followed by a most successful tour.


2016 Discovered new album TERRES ET LEGENDES

11 titles Digipak, tracing the great soundtracks of timeless films.

2017-18 the new show "Voice Performer" tha artist meet the audiance .


Dayan gives himself one hundred percent to his shows and will make you travel through the timeless Pop Music Universe ,

with a voice that will give you goose bumps.

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